Pick Your Scent


Trying to decide which soap scent is you?  

Amber Romance - blend of black cherry, creme anglaise, vanilla and sandalwood.  Limited Availability 

Bamboo Hemp - A blend of bamboo stalks and hemp seed.  Very fresh and unique scent.  

Barbershop - Clean, fresh Barbershop scent. 

Berrylicious - A tropical blend of guava nectar, black wild berry, zesty yuzu and starfruit.  Yummy!

Blackberry Sage - The perfect blend of blackberries and sage.

Black Raspberry Vanilla - Black raspberries with vanilla ice cream. 

Butt Naked - Juicy pineapple, mandarin and peach with grassy top notes sweetened with creamy coconut caramel undertones. 

Cedar & Saffron  - The woodsy scent of cedar infused with the eastern spice of saffron  with undertones of corriander blended with  notes of amber and musk. 

Cinder - The fragrance is coniferous cypress and noble fir background.  It dries down to a warm moss wood, black cedar & musk.  

Citrus & Teakwood - Top notes of mandarin, lemon and lime with bottom notes of teakwood. 

Cranberry Fig  -  An excellent compromise between the tart bite of cranberries and the sweet, mild allure of fig with those added notes of blood orange and pink grapefruit, without being too overpowering. 

Cucumber & Melon  - Clean cucumber and fresh honeydew melons.  A classic!

Eucalyptus Mint - Made with essential oils, great blend for sore muscles and clearing sinus issues.  

Fall Leaves - The fragrance begins with a golden nectar of red apples and juicy  mandarin. The apple notes are joined by a cinnamon & clove main theme. This rests on a sweet musk base with a Tonka bean background. (Seasonal)

Havana Nights - This is an exotic blend of tobacco flower, patchouli and honeysuckle with clean and citrusy top notes of bergamot. 

Jasmine - Jasmine is a delicate sweet flower with an alluring and sensual aroma. 

Kissing in the Rain - Floral scent with notes of vetiver, jasmine, white musk, orris and hints of vanilla and patchouli.

Lavender - Essential Oil for calming and soothing. 

Lemon Verbena - Sweet verbena blossoms with lemon zest. 

Love Spell - A great blend of cherry blossom, muguet, red delicious apples and peach blended with a touch of tamarind and blonde wood. 

Luck of the Irish  - This spicy-sweet blend of French verbena and lemon, a green Florentine iris and violet leaves with back notes of sandalwood and  ambergris. 

Mahogany Teakwood - The luxurious scent of fine woods blended with light scents of lavender and geranium notes. 

Midsummer Night - A masculine blend of musk, patchouli, sage and mahogany. 

Oakmoss - Sage mixed with clover with top notes of earthy moss, cinnamon spice and cedar wood, for a green and clean scent. 

Orange Evergreen - Sweet orange and woodsy fir combine for a perfect blend. 

Peppermint - Made with Peppermint essential oil, great for oily skin, acne or a great wake up shower. 

Pomegranate Fig - Tart pomegranates and sweet figs for an unusual blend.   It works!

Rosemary Mint - Made with essential oils, the name says it all. 

Sage & Citrus - Blend of earth sage, talc and lemon lime.  

Sandalwood  - This fragrance provides perfumes with a striking wood base notes.   One of the oldest incense materials, it has been in use for over 4,000  years. 

Spellbound - Sweet cranberry is blended with notes of ripe apples and a hint of blackberries for the perfect amount of sweet .

Texas Summer - This fragrance has a very strong citrus scent. 

Tuscan Patchouli - This fragrance is very deep and exotic.  Patchouli blended with heavy woody notes & citrus undertones.

White Musk - Soft and velvety classic scent.  Take a walk on the wild side!

All of the above scents are undiluted cosmetic grade fragrances.  Some scents are available both as an essential oil or a fragrance. The description will provide which form the scent is being derived from.